Devoted Exclusively to Vindicating Your Innocence

This firm represents those uniquely vulnerable in our justice system: The Innocent.  

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We investigate wrongful conviction cases for evidence of innocence and any police or prosecutorial misconduct that caused the innocent person's wrongful conviction.

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If you have a criminal record for a crime you did not commit, we can litigate your Petition for a Finding of Factual Innocence and recover money for each day of your wrongful incarceration. 

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In partnership with other firms, we litigate exonerees civil claims to hold the responsible officials accountable. A portion of our fees are donated to Innocence Matters.

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Attorney Profile

Deirdre O'Connor: Deirdre O'Connor is an experienced trial lawyer with a proven track record in protecting the innocent.  In 2010, she founded Innocence Matters, a nonprofit dedicated to helping those who have been wrongfully convicted. Prior to that, she worked as a Public Defender in Los Angeles, as the Clinic Director for the Indigent Criminal Defense Clinic at Emory Law School, and as a solo practitioner.  She was one of the amicus attorneys for Troy Davis, a Georgia death row inmate who was ultimately executed despite compelling evidence of innocence.  Deirdre has tried nearly 100 jury trials and over 100 juvenile adjudications.  She is a Board Certified Criminal Trial Specialist and was the recipient of the 2015 California Attorneys of the Year Award for her work at Innocence Matters.


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Recent Victories

  • Case Dismissed - Guilty Plea and Strike Conviction Vacated:
    Innocent single mother was falsely accused of strike offense and forced to fight her case from a jail cell.  Desperate to be reunited with her daughter, she pled guilty. In 2017, Deirdre O'Connor's investigtion led the court to vacate the conviction and dismiss the case.
  • 17-Year Incarceration Ends with Freedom and a Finding of Factual Innocence:
    Susan Mellen, a single mother of three, was falsely accused of a henious murder she did not commit.  Seventeen years later, during Deirdre O'Connor's investigation, it was discovered that the sole witness was a pathological liar and the lead detective knew that in 1997. The court vacated the murder conviction and found Ms. Mellen factually innocent.
  • 18-Year-Old Spent 19 Years Trying to Prove His Innocence Mattered:
    John Smith had just turned 18 a few months before the police arrested him for a murder they knew was based entirely on false evidence. Nineteen years later, the court granted the Habeas Petition filed by O'Connor; Smith's conviction vacated and case dismissed.

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About Seamus Law

Seamus Law, A Professional Corporation, was established in 2016 by Deirdre O'Connor to vindicate the rights of the innocent and to raise funds for Innocence Matters. A percentage of Seamus Law's profits will be donated to Innocence Matters.

We only accept cases where the accused is factually innocent.